34.Munica Valiton(non-registered)
TOP NOTCH ! Every year I've watched you grow into an amazing professional photographer...you've captured moments that the naked eye can only have a second glimpse at, with lasting impressions...thank you so very much for that Carolyn...
33.John Turco(non-registered)
Magnificent work.
32.Delores Lee(non-registered)
I loved all your photographs, it was so beautiful and you did a great job capturing so much beauty. Have a great weekend my friend.. hugs to ya fm dee
31.Pam Jones(non-registered)
I am really enjoying your pictures, you are an inspiration to us all. Thanks to Wayne Dejnak for sharing this web-site with me. :)
30.Wayne "Wannabe" Dejnak(non-registered)
I am very impressed by your website here. It is truly amazing how you are able to take common scenes of our everyday life and give them a new perspective; often times making them quite interesting. I wonder if you will ever do sports photography.

I am thankful that you have chosen to share your photography skills and insights with us and encourage us to try our hand at capturing those magical shots. As a proud dog owner, I realize that I should expect to take about 25 to 50 shots before I get one that I like. I thank you for giving me the motivation to take all those shots for that one special shot.
29.linda hofhaug(non-registered)
Carolyn I really enjoy your photographs there beautiful!
27.Andrew Bogan(non-registered)
Saw this guest book and thought, well, why not?
26.Laura Henrikson(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures and great website! Nice job!
25.Gail Cooper(non-registered)
you are an amazing photographer !!!! Love this !!!!
24.Andrea Sehmel
You got the gift, Sister! Keep up the great work. Big Christmas hug.
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